Hi, my name is Tristan.

I am a maker, gardener, and computer enthusiast.

You can see some of my presentions here and my personal website here.

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Basic Tutorial with TensorFlow.js: Linear Regression Stylized TensorFlow.js Logo

Fresh off of the OpenAI Retro contest, I wanted to keep exploring more AI topics. Somebody told me that the best way to learn was reproducing other people’s papers, but not wanting to learn any more Python than I had to, I decided to try to tackle some existing work with TensorFlow.js.

I first tried to run with a GAN, but I realized it might be better to crawl first since I am coming from a pretty fresh background. I was able to find a series of basic TensorFlow examples that I felt would let me ladder up my TensorFlow.js skills in aymericdamien/TensorFlow-Examples. I’ll be redoing all of these Basic Operations and Linear Regression with TensorFlow.js.